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Historical Archive

The Ridges & Furrows project has uncovered and collected numerous historical materials such as old photographs, documents, articles and personal stories to inspire artworks created by both professional artists and members of the community. The project has endeavoured not only to uncover historical materials to better understand the locations of Welbourn, North Hykeham and Waddington, but also to re-introduce this history to the residents of each location and foster an enthusiasm in them for their local heritage. This has been achieved through hosting history and art workshops in schools and community spaces, and through one-off events to celebrate history in North Kesteven and exhibit the heritage-inspired artworks.

Ridges & Furrows historian Dave Reeves has taken a multi-faceted approach to uncover a wide range of historical materials. The project has collaborated with residents such as local historians and history groups to build up a repository of information and uncover new documents. Local farmers have been involved and family archives discovered.

In addition, an Oral Reminiscence project has been started to add a different element to this research. Ridges & Furrows has conducted dozens of interviews with a wide range of people with connections to each location. Visit the Oral Reminiscence section to hear soundbites of stories ranging from residents’ childhood memories of roaming free in Welbourn’s countryside, to reports from the North Hykeham foundry, to an account of a mysterious death in the village!

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