North Hykeham Maps

Browse through a selection of maps of North Hykeham to see the change the village has undergone in the last two hundred years. Click the dates to see the material.

Maps courtesy of the National Library of Scotland



Note the two separate centres of the village, Hykeham and Hykeham Moor. Two windmills are marked; the post mill is situated on the Fosse Way running through Hykeham Moor, while the tower mill is directly south east of the first in North Hykeham. Hykeham Hall stands on the site that is now the ASDA superstore. A rural village, there are only a few houses on the Fosse Way with most of the surrounding area being made of neatly hedged and ditched fields. Note the railway line is present to the north west of the village.



Largely unchanged, the village is still a rural area. Hykeham Moor has a new line of houses at the crossroads of the Fosse Way, Moor Lane and Station Road. Most significantly, Hykeham Iron Foundry now sits next to the station for convenient loading of produce.



North Hykeham has seen much building work, with houses now lining a single side of both main roads from Lincoln. Houses line Moor Lane and Station Road. Hykeham Moor’s post mill is now marked as disused. The memorial hall and the recreation ground have been built on the Fosse Way as they stand today. The Hykeham Foundry has grown and changed to be denoted as the Malleable.



More housing has sprung up on Lincoln Road and Mill Road as the two village centres are becoming joined. The Malleable Iron Works has again expanded with some visible gravel excavation north of the station becoming visible. 



The village again expands but fields are still close to the main roads. The post mill has been demolished, however the tower mill is now marked as ‘Old Windmill’ referring to its disuse. larger sand and gravel pits are visible directly east of the station. The Sir Robert Pattinson school is now visible next to Hykeham Manor.