We are Waddington – Jonathan Turner

For his residency project We Are Waddington, Jonathan Turner collaborated with residents to create work which took a look through time at Waddington’s past as well as celebrating the present day identity of the village.


Using a mixture of studio and location photography, and digital composite techniques Jonathan created three photographic tableaux to tell an ‘imagined story’ from Waddington’s history. The images represent a ‘Ran Tan Tan’ (which means rough music) a form of social justice found in Lincolnshire villages right up to the 1930’s. Following a crime or misdemeanour, the community would march through the village and gather outside a guilty person’s house to make a real racket by banging pots and pans, and singing songs about the wrongdoer! Village residents posed in historical costumes and Jonathan then used digital techniques to create composite scenes telling a story.

In addition to this Jonathan took many family portraits of people from across the village and RAF Waddington. A temporary exhibition took people on a trail around different venues in the village to see Jonathan’s pictures together with historical photos of the village.

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