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North Hykeham Gravel Pits Restoration

Gravel Pit Restoration

And the development of the sand and gravel pits


The Millennium Green in North Hykeham was created originally from industry excavating sand and gravel. This left a large pit in the earth which has since been reclaimed by nature. The site has been under the care of North Kesteven District Council since 2011. The site is managed by Hill Holt Wood with a primary objective to maintain a balance of nature conservation and public open space for all visitors to respect and enjoy. The site supports a wide range of wildlife, Flora and Fauna which can be seen in the various areas including the wildflower meadows, hedgerows, woodland, lake and pond. The path / cycleway is a 1 mile circular route which will take you around the perimeter of the lake with several benches for you to stop and enjoy the views across the site.

Whisby Nature Park, which is just outside North Hykeham, also started life as a sand and gravel extraction site.  You can visit their website HERE.