NEWS: Waddington Redwood Memory Fayre

Waddington Redwood Primary School welcomed former pupils and teachers back to the school for a ‘Memory Fayre’ in May as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.

Waddington Redwood have been working with Ridges & Furrows to research the school’s history and co-ordinate the Memory Fayre. The event saw around 30 former pupils and teachers share their memories of the school, as well as old photographs and memorabilia, with current pupils. Year 6 pupils took on the role of interviewers on the day to quiz the former students about memories of their school days.

Redwood pupils have also been working with Ridges & Furrows project historian Dave Reeves to help bring the history of their school to life. They have been talking about how life in the village has changed over the last 50 years.

The photographs, memorabilia and interviews gathered at the Memory Fayre will go on display for the school Fayre in June.

Project Historian Dave Reeves commented:

“It’s proving a great journey of discovery delving into the past of Waddington and some really interesting facts and memories have thrown light on a heritage which is rich, varied and engaging. The Redwood School Memory Fayre has provided us with some great anecdotes to add to the ever expanding story.”

As well as working with Redwood School, the Ridges & Furrows team is delivering a range of activities with other groups and All Saint’s Primary School, including conversations, walking and drawing.  Working alongside Dave Reeves are artists Simon Grennan & Christopher Sperandio who are making portraits of local characters and developing new artworks for the village that will reveal and celebrate these significant stories and locations.

A special event sharing artworks created by Grennan & Sperandio as well as some of the heritage research will take place in the village on Saturday 24th June.

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